Another exhausting trip. Finally, I accomplished my missions – to host our very first Press Conference in Thailand and joined one of the biggest local exhibitions, which squeezed out most of my energy. You might think I should have been proud of what I have achieved. I have to say I was quite satisfied with the result. However, as a perfectionist like me, there is always something not good enough, especially myself.

Thanks for Eddy’s great job and effort. I couldn’t have done these without your assistance. Especially for the rides during the past 8 days, so I could taste “Tong Yam Kong” & “Pa Thai” I have yearned day and night.

Thanks for Lift’s patience and suggestions. You are always a good listener and the best consultant. Even you kept saying there was someone sleeping next to me in the hotel(so scary!!), I still like you.

Besides work, I have to say Bangkok is a great city for long stay. Amazing food, good service, friendly people, great SPA & massage, various of shipping malls and night bazaars, cheaper consumption level and convenient traffic by BTS & MRT. It would be great to spend 1-2 weeks there.

Is there anyone want to join my personal trip to Bangkok next time?

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